Dr. Hastee Payman, DDS

Ready for Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

If you live in West Los Angeles and have been procrastinating on getting your teeth cleaned then you may want to call us as soon as possible.

We understand how nervous some patients get about having their routine teeth cleaning. In the back of your mind you're scared that you may have a cavity or require some type of surgey and it just seems safer to avoid the dentist all together, right?

The problem with this senario is that while you wait, if there is a problem, your teeth may be getting worse. Having a deep cleaning could be enough to stop a potentially bad situation without having to worry about major oral surgery.

Deep Teeth Cleaning vs Teeth Whitening

Deep Teeth Cleaning vs Teeth Whitening

You may think that your teeth are so bad that only a teeth whitening prodedure will restore the brilliance of your smile.
The truth is, most patients really only need deep teeth cleaning performed on stained or yellow teeth.

A Case Study: Teeth Cleaning

Below you'll find photos of the lower teeth from a patient who came in for teeth whitening and left with just a deep teeth cleaning. You can see the build up and plaque present around the gums and base of each tooth.
Teeth Cleaning