Dr. Hastee Payman, DDS

We Help with Gum Care

Dr. Payman offers professional Gum Care consulting and support to help protect against periodontal disease and more.

Gum Care Services

Up to 85% of the general population are living with significant levels of chronic gum disease, and don't even know it. Unfortunately, this is because periodontal disease has few noticeable symptoms until it's quite advanced.

In fact, it can do significant long-term damage to your teeth, gums, and underlying bone structure before you ever discover it's there. This explains the devotion we show in evaluating and diagnosing each new patient, charting every suspicious warning sign and applying in-office therapy when required. We also carefully coach you through the proper at-home hygiene techniques needed to prevent disease progression.

Our gum care services include: For information on our gum care services, contact our office at 310-474-2421. Our staff can help get you an appointment to see Dr. Payman. Your gum care is important to us, please call today!